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Friday, January 27, 2012

Everything Tastes Better In A Glass

Here in the South, ice cold sweet tea is king. There are a number of laws that go with the drinking of sweet tea but one of my favorites is that ice cold sweet tea tastes better in a glass than in any plastic cup. It's pretty much a fact; I've never had ice cold sweet tea in a plastic cup taste better than tea in a glass.

The glass seems to enhance the cold of the tea and it lets you feel it. It seems to make the sweet tea that much sweeter and I'm not sure why. Sadly, I can no longer drink sweet tea anymore (too much sugar) but I have moved to green tea. I find that also tastes better in a glass than a plastic cup.

So, I've come to this conclusion; everything tastes better in a glass. It just seems to be true across the board. Think about it. Milkshakes taste golden in a glass cup-in a plastic one, not so much. A smoothie tastes better in a glass cup. Juice tastes better in a glass cup.

This isn't limited to just limited to drinks though, it pretty much covers everything. We all get bad news in the course of our lives. We have days where we're frustrated and the universe just seems to pile on by adding more on top of you. This past week has been like that for me; I get success in some areas of my life and then in others I'm getting completely stonewalled. I'm frustrated beyond belief.

I wish I could just take that frustration, put it in a glass cup, and drink it away. Sure, it probably wouldn't taste great, but it'd taste better than just taking the news straight up. Taking that frustration, that bad news, that horrible day, and throwing it in a blender, making a shake, pouring it down in a glass would make the process of accepting all that a lot easier in my mind.

It's like medicine. You have the choice between the liquid or the giant pill that could choke an elephant, most of you are taking the liquid cause it just goes down easier most of the time. Further, putting that liquid in a glass would make it easier to swallow (figurative and literally).

Sadly, it isn't that way. You can't literally take all the frustration, put it in a glass, and drink it away. However, you can do it figuratively. Figuratively, your glass is the inner you; it holds the good, and it holds the bad. It's a vessel, a piece of dishware, it has no bias; so go ahead and put that frustration in your glass (the inner you) but don't forget to blend it up with the good too; the successes in the day, the funny things, ect. Once it's there, drink up or in this case, begin the process of accepting it. It makes things a lot easier than just taking the frustration straight up because that's liable to make you sick.

I know that a lot of times this week the frustration was making me kinda sick. I wasn't factoring in the good, wasn't letting things sit for a bit, I was just sucking down the frustration, hoping that by getting it over with faster it would go away faster and in reality, it just tends to stick around longer.

So, remember people, everything tastes better in a glass. Sweet tea, green tea, milkshakes, smoothies, and even frustration. The great things about glass cups is that not only do they make the good stuff taste better, they make the bad stuff taste a lot less worse.

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