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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The United States of Lazy Bums

I saw a commercial today that just floored me. I mean...really, if today has driven home one point it's that determination and hard work are sadly becoming a thing of the past in this country. Check out this commercial for something called Slim Ts. It can be found here;

The official website ( preaches this junk:

"Made of special Spandex-blend fibers – not hot, not constricting!
• Slims, supports & reshapes instantly
• Look firmer, younger & well toned
• Fits under any other garments
• Un-noticeable
• Look inches slimmer
• No diets, exercise, pills or gym memberships"

This is the first time I've ever seen, heard, or suspected such a thing existed for guys. I've seen this type of stuff for women but I never, ever, thought such a thing existed for men. I mean...we're men! We're stubborn, prideful, and stupid beasts; we're supposed to completely ignore these things and then when it finally gets through to us, we're supposed to work our tails off to get back in shape.

We're not supposed to have an UNDERGARMENT do it for us. Seriously? Seriously?!  

I was floored when I saw this commercial. How could such a thing exist? When did hard work and determination become so unimportant to people in this country? We eat poorly, we don't exercise, and we complain about clothes not being big enough. Most of the people in this country are fat because they don't make the dedication to change.

I know. I used to be one of those people, I probably led the charge. I understand that it's tough and I understand that it's really difficult in the beginning. I faced those challenges. I got through it. And if I can get through it a lot of others can.

But this Slim T's a travesty. Men are now resorting to this type of undergarment lie? Women have a reason; their bodies are not set up to burn carbs and fat like us men, it's ten times more difficult for them and I can understand whys they go to an undergarment.

I cannot fathom why a man would need an undergarment to HIDE behind. That's all this Slim T thing is good for and any man who decides to use this thing should take a long, hard look at oneself. I'm sorry, but there's a point where you have to make a choice men; are you going to be fat or are you going to make the effort to get in shape? You can't have it both ways, this Slim T thing might tell you you can but you can't. In the end, this undergarment does come off at the end of the day and that gut is there staring you back in your face.

What has happened to the pride and stubbornness of the men in this country? When did we, as males, become...this? I don't know. But it's soft. It's lame. It's a lie. And I'm quite insulted by this things existence. What it preaches is a lie.

Men, I implore you, let's rise up and do away with things like this. Undergarments should not take place of hard work and determination; this is exactly what the Slim T is doing. I can't believe people actually buy this thing to begin with but if you're considering it, do me a favor and don't buy it.

And if you do, please take your man card and burn it. You've lost it if you buy this junk. It's an insult to the things we, as men, should embody.

Hard work and determination needs to make a comeback for men and America.

Otherwise, we might as well call ourselves "The United States of Lazy Bums." 

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