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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Leftovers Are Everywhere

Opening up the fridge today, there were a ton of leftovers in it. All kinds of good stuff; soup, roast beef, and even some pizza (which I can't eat anymore). There was a plethora of options of things that were once main meals and now had been reduced to cold leftovers. Now, that's not saying there's anything wrong with leftovers; there isn't. A lot of times leftovers are better than the meal was in the first place, simply because the spices/flavors have time to soak in and make things taste better.

That got me thinking that leftovers aren't just in the fridge, they're everywhere. Hear me out; a lot of times our first attempts at stuff aren't as good as we think. I know that I experience this a lot in writing, whether it be stories, research papers, or blogs posts; I get in the zone, I'm typing away and then when I get done with it and read back over it I don't feel it's as strong as I would like. Sometimes, I go at it again right there but most of the time I "stick it in the fridge" so to speak and leave it be for a little while.

Oftentimes I find that when I bring it back out again and give it another shot (using what was leftover) it turns out better. That's not always the case though; I've put other things "in the fridge" and left it to leftover status and it's taken years for that stuff to get better. The prime example is my weight loss; I tried throughout high school to lose weight but it never really worked. So, I stuck it back in the fridge.  Eventually, I brought it back out and I was in a place where I knew what to do with it; I was able to use it again.

Leftovers in life and in your fridge have their uses. Nothing is ever wasted even if you do throw it out, because the experience you had in constructing that leftover will be used for something else. Leftovers get a bad rap because they get stuck in an fridge and forgotten about; just because it's a leftover doesn't mean it's worse than the main meal it was once.

So, with the leftovers in your life and in the fridge, give them a chance. Sure, they may not look all the great after a while and sure, you may not want to smell it; sometimes they just don't hold up well in the fridge. Nonetheless, don't disregard the experiences those leftovers gave you. They'll be useful. And don't disregard the possibilities with those leftovers; you never know what they'll be good for.

At the end of the day, don't waste leftovers. A lot of times they'll taste better than they did originally.

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