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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just Keep Going

"Just Keep Going" I tell myself when I work out. I get tired of it. It gets boring. I've been working out on a near daily basis (days off on Sunday and really bad weather days) since late July. Frankly, I'm tired of it. I want to stop and just relax for a while but I've gotten into the habit of working out in the afternoons. I've made it part of my routine and I am a very routine based person.

In the mornings I do the same thing when I get up. Bathroom, weigh in, pills, water on face, stare into the mirror for a few seconds to determine if I'm indeed alive, teeth brushing to make my breath smell better, and head downstairs to consider breakfast.

During the nights before bed I do the same thing. I use the bathroom, I brush my teeth, I take my pills, I splash water on my face and I head off to bed. I'm not a complicated person. Well, that's a lie, I am a complicated person; everyone is a complicated person. I hate ketchup but I like spaghetti sauce; is it basically the same thing? Yes. Will I ever eat ketchup? No, never.

I love cheesecake but I'm lactose intolerant. Will I ever stop eating cheesecake? No (especially if it's like the last one I had during my most recent birthday). I will forever love cheesecake, will forever eat it, and will suffer for it no matter what.

And those are just the food based examples. We get deeper into it and you may not make it out of this blog alive. Bottom line is that I am a complicated person and once a routine, a habit, starts I find it hard to stop. I am a habitual person. It's why cigarettes, drinking, and other addictive habits are things I stay far, far away from. I know my weaknesses. I know how easy I could fall into stuff like that.

Which is why when I workout and "Just Keep Going" pops into my head, I wonder whether or not I really should. Is working out an addictive behavior? In some cases, yes. In my case, maybe. I'm not sure. I just know that "Just Keep Going" applies in other areas of my life besides my weight loss.

It applies in my search for love. I'm a classic hopeless romantic. I have standards, probably out dated, and I'm stubborn. I've struck out with more girls than I care to recount and that same thought "Just Keep Going" applies. Giving up is not something I do easily; it takes a lot, a lot to make me quit on something. Which is why the search for love will inevitably continue for me.

The same applies for my search for a job. I've been at it for nearly a month and I've struck out everywhere, every which way. It sucks. It's incredibly frustrating. But "Just Keep Going" enters into my mind there as well. It has yet to produce results, but I will keep going.

"Just Keep Going" really applies in all areas of my life despite how tired, bored, frustrated, mad, sad, unenthused, and plain sick of it that I am. I'll "Just Keep Going" because that's how one lives life; you have to keep going, whether it be a yard, a foot, an inch, or less.

So remember..."Just Keep Going." It's better than doing nothing.

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