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Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Not To Do As A Parent

All right, I'm majorly, majorly POed at this video that's made the rounds on facebook. If you haven't seen it, well, here is is.

(Warning: language, general stupidity, and a complete lack of common sense)

Now, I'm not a parent, let me be clear on that. I'm single. I have no kids. I'm a straight, lonely, virgin.

But I'm qualified to call this guy out. In fact, every person alive is qualified to call this out. This is not how you parent. This is not how you treat another human being let alone your DAUGHTER. This goodness folks, he makes me mad as heck.

He is wrong. Let me put that out there right now, he is dead wrong to do this to his daughter, whom he supposedly loves. He hacked her facebook, jacked her wall post, and decided to take to youtube to trash her? Not only did he do that on youtube the dude blew away her computer and demanded his daughter pay for the ammo?

I asked myself when my friend showed me this video, "How could anyone think this is a good thing?" and then I looked at the likes vs. the dislikes. Likes over 20,000. Dislikes just over 2,000.

Say what?

People are agreeing with the guy's message, I get that, and the guy's message is sorta on base. Yeah, his daughter complains about stuff she has no right to, yeah she's spoiled, yeah she shouldn't have taken to facebook to lobby her complains. But guess what? She's ONLY 15. She's a teenage girl, in high school, going through a lot of changes on a number of different fronts.

I mean, really? You can't take that into account youtube viewers? The father obviously couldn't, but you, the viewers, should be condemning this man not heralding him as a speaker of truth! The dude was off base in so many different ways!

1. He aired out grievances online; that's always a bad idea especially on a youtube video.

2. He trashes his daughter on the internet, which means this video will FOREVER be there.

3. Oh, he names his daughter too and if this dude was even half as smart as he claims, he'd know that naming people in a video is a dumb, dumb idea; particularly because someone can track down where this video originated and find his daughter.

4. He kills a perfectly good computer which, he admits, he spent lots of money and time upgrading.

5. He wastes perfectly good ammo.

6. He looks like a reject from Brokeback Mountain.

7. By the way, did I mention the guy is SMOKING in the video while scolding his daughter about doing things SHE shouldn't? Way to set an example, dude.

8. He gives us his lifestory about how things were tougher in his day. Apparently he forget to mention the hooked-on-phonics classes he failed because this dude has serious trouble reading from a printed sheet of paper in the middle of an open field.

I could go on but at this point you understand my major dislike for this guy. This is not the way to parent. I may not be a parent but I'm a big brother; I have three younger siblings, a host of younger cousins, and I've taken care of young ones as though I was a parent. This blatantly offends me.

I've been accused many times before of taking things too personally. I admit, I do. I admit, I'm probably taking this too personally. And you know what? I'm still angry about it. The fact SO many people think this guy is doing something worth applause astounds me in the worst way. This. Is. Not. Parenting. This is being a vindictive, arrogant, jackass.

I'm hoping the wife of this guy gave him a swift kick in the jewels for this video. Maybe she divorces him.

But more than that, I hope the daughter can find it in her heart to FORGIVE him. I doubt that though. This guys has ruined his relationship with his daughter for the immediate, short term, and likely long term future. I see this being a huge problem 5-10 years down the road.

Can you imagine what this girl is feeling? Not only did her father, the man who has raised her all these years with her mother, hack her facebook in a blatant breach of privacy, but he also took to youtube to completly trash her. He shot a bullet through her laptop and likely their relationship.

She's got to be in a really bad place and I hope some of her friends are there for her, because this is just WRONG. On so many levels this guy has destroyed his daughter it's hard to think of anything but the worst. I can easily see the girl going into super rebellious mode, doing drugs, hitting up parties, generally doing dangerous things because of this; this is extreme in all the worst ways.

So, parents, I know you think I don't know jack. I know I don't have kids and I haven't even gotten close. But I'm telling you, every fiber of my being says to find this guy, beat the crap out of him, and make him post a retraction on youtube-where he shoots his computer and gives his daughter a brand new one.

I know that won't happen (likely...) but do not condone this man for his actions. Do not herald him as someone who speaks the truth. His message may have some truth in it but the way he goes about it, there's no justification for him to be seen as anything less than the jackass (and that's putting it kindly) he is.

Parents, I beg of you, do not take anything this guy does or says and use it for your own kids. Don't be this guy. Don't be this parent.

Don't make your kid hate you...that's what this guy did with this video. She has to hate him.

The saddest part is, he probably hasn't realized that yet.

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