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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'd Rather Go Shopping

Well, it was quite a day yesterday. Monday, January 7th, 2013 ... I got diagnosed with Strep for the first time in years and the college football national title game was on. You know what I'm going to remember more?

The Strep.

That national title game was ... lame. It was a beatdown of mass proportions. Notre Dame didn't look like it belonged in the same state, let alone the same stadium as Alabama. A lot of people watched the game all the way through but I quit after the beginning of the third quarter. It just wasn't fun to watch 'Bama trash Notre Dame for another hour and a half.

As I went to bed I reflected on the game and the college football season.

An old question popped into my head, asked many years ago by my father. "Would you rather stay here and watch football or go shopping?"

I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather go shopping.

This isn't to say that I don't like football any more, I do like it, but it just doesn't have the priority in my life it once did. Heck, it isn't as fun as it once was ... it just doesn't seem to matter anymore.

Yesterday I should have been hyped for the game. Instead, I was mad that I was confined to the house for yet another day, and that I was missing crucial after-Christmas sales at my favorite clothing stores.

Take a moment and think on that. I was looking forward to shopping for clothes and hunting for deals more than I was the national title game.

It's not a matter of investment. I barely watched any games at all this year, including the games of my beloved Florida Gators. I maybe watched all of three of their games all year long ... they went 11-2 and I don't remember much about this season.

In years past, no matter how badly we stunk or how badly we played, I would watch the games and remember something about them.

Not this year.

I'd rather go shopping. I like going out and hunting for deals on clothes. Getting a nice shirt for under fifteen bucks is sweet ... it's a challenge. It's fun.

College football isn't so much anymore. I think, more than anything, it's just a matter of environment. Where I am now is not nearly as crazy about college football as where I was. Saturday's aren't reserved for it like Sundays are for church ... Saturdays are just part of the weekend.

And when it comes down to it, to pick between watching college football or going shopping ... I'd rather go shopping.

Sure, it's not the most awesomely manly thing to say.

I should scoff at the notion and demand "the women folk" do the shopping.

But shopping isn't that bad. Really, the challenge is there for those willing to take it ... can you find what you want for the price you want? The math and the analysis is enjoyable to me but then I'm that kind of twisted person, lol.

But there it is ... I'd rather go shopping than watch football, college or pros.

And I'm fine with that. :)

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