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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Patience Is Key

"Patience is key," I say often. It's one of my most repeated phrases ("That's not gonna fly" would also be up there) and it's one I say just as much for others as for myself. I say this phrase a lot because it's a life lesson that I must CONSTANTLY relearn.

I've said this phrase to my siblings, my cousins, the various children I've taught in my various jobs over the years, and even to my friends. But this phrase means more to me than just a go to thing, it's a lesson and a good one. I was once again reminded of this last week when I was growing increasingly impatient with a lot of things.

When I get impatient, I tend to force things; I want to solve them myself, my way, and in my time. This was quite apparent during my two weeks of illness in late October/early November. I was told, repeatedly, by my friends to hit the doctor's office but I didn't. I waited for it to get better and when it didn't I forced things. That didn't exactly work out (I ended up in the hospital).

Now, you think with that lesson taught to me, I wouldn't have to have it taught to me again; but I did. This past week I was getting impatient and beginning to go into my "force things" mindset. As a friend of my calls it the "psycho" part of me. We all have the "psycho" parts of us, the parts of us that want something despite knowing it's not for the best. My "psycho" part was desperately wanting to force things hardcore. You'd think I'd know not to listen to it...but I was beginning to.

But I refused it and not more than a few hours later, I was rewarded for my patience by having a few issues I was growing impatient on resolve themselves. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? (not me)

So, the moral of this story is that patience is key. Sure, it's one of my most used phrases, sure, everyone who's been around me has heard me say it at least once, but it's still as true today as it was when I first started using this phrase, nearly a decade ago. Patience is key. It's important to realize that things will work on their on time table as the lord wills it.

I realize this. I ignore it a lot but that's because I'm stubborn. I'm also incredibly stupid when I get incredibly stubborn. Don't be like me in that respect, be better.

Remember folks, patience is key. It's applicable in every respect of life. Even the respects of life we'd rather it not be applicable in. 

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